Paso Motors is revolutionizing the Australian motorcycle world with a fresh and exhilarating brand. Our retro-style scramblers are a true standout in the market, boasting unmatched style and quality.

In 2021, we identified a gap in the market for an entry-level bike that combines style and affordability, and we're thrilled to bring that vision to life.

We're here to challenge the status quo and shake things up amongst cafe racer style bikes. Our motorcycles are a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and aesthetics for riders seeking something unique and exciting. We're humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received thus far and can't wait to hit the road with our fellow riders. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more exciting updates from Paso Motors!


Are bikes are rock solid, we know that reliability is crucial when choosing a bike, which is why we offer a 2 year warranty as standard.


For a brand new, entry level bike the Paso XF300 is incredibly good value for money. With this much style and power nothing comes close to it.


Get used to people staring. We build in small batches so you wont see this bike everywhere and we can guarantee it will get attention.

Why Paso?

While not widely recognised in Australia, the Peruvian Paso is a stunning breed of horse originating overseas. Renowned for their exceptional appearance and remarkable handling, these agile and sure-footed animals can navigate any terrain with ease and comfort.
Not just a show horse, the Peruvian Paso is also a high-performing workhorse. With its versatile abilities and exceptional qualities, it's no wonder Paso Motors takes inspiration from this incredible animal.
At Paso Motors, we may not be everywhere, but we excel where it matters. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence is reflected in our exceptional handling and impeccable looks. Discover the difference with Paso Motors.