In a stunning and unprecedented move, Henry Wiltshire, the visionary founder of Paso Motors, has issued a resounding cautionary statement to all potential purchasers eyeing the highly anticipated Paso XF300 motorcycle. 

Wiltshire's message, delivered with utmost gravity, directly advised against investing in the bike, urging consumers to opt for more conventional alternatives.

In his unequivocal statement, Wiltshire declared,


Followed by a series of compelling reasons:

Get a normal bike. 

Get a bike that you can tell everyone about but no one will ask about. 

Get a bike that makes you look like every other rider on the road. 

A bike that you lose interest in after a few months. 

Get a bike that makes you feel ok. 

That’s kind of fun to ride. 

Get a bike that looks alright. 

Don’t take any chances. 

Have an opinion on a bike that you know nothing about. 

Don’t look at the reviews. 

Don’t take advantage of the interest-free finance. 

Come up with any excuse not to get this bike. Even if it doesn’t really make sense. 

Play it safe. 

Listen to your head, not your heart. 

Don’t get this bike. You know you want to.


If like me you're not one to take instructions well and you still want to see the bike, we would love to show you our new Paso XF300.

Click here to book a test ride/viewing. 

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See you soon!