Which has more power a 650cc or a 250cc?

This might seem obvious but the answer may/may not surprise you…

The information below has been taken from the manufacturers websites:

KTM 250cc SX-F has a max power output of 47 BHP

Royal Enfield 650cc Interceptor has a max power output of 47 BHP

When you compare these two bikes side by side, you'll notice that despite the engine size difference, they have the same power output. However, with the KTM, weighing only half as much as the Royal Enfield, you see a significant difference in how the motorcycle performs and handles. Equally as powerful but lighter weight, the KTM provides a very different ride experience to the Royal Enfield.

I bought a KTM 250 SX-F a few weeks ago and I can tell you first hand it’s great fun.

I know comparing a road bike to a motocross bike isn't exactly apples to apples, but I wanted to touch on the engine size questions that I’m often asked. Some folks have been curious about the Paso XF250's engine size, and while it's true that engine size can be a big differentiator at the higher end of the market (where you're dropping $14-16K or more on a new bike), it’s important to remember engine size isn’t the only thing to consider when looking at what bike is right for you.

The biggest guy in the gym isn’t always going to be the strongest or the fittest (or even look the best for that matter).

Other things to think about such as power, looks, gears, max RPMs, compression, EFI, weight of the bike, cooling system and brakes are all important and will have a much more significant effect on the performance of your bike (maybe not looks but they’re still important!).

We went with the CF Moto (KTM owned) NK 250cc engine in our XF250, which packs a punch with a max power output of 26.5 bhp. To put that in perspective, the 411cc Royal Enfield falls just short at 24.3 bhp. But it's not just about raw power - the XF250 also boasts an incredibly lightweight frame, tipping the scales at a mere 135kg. The result? A bike that's both powerful and nimble, giving you the best of both worlds on the road.

The XF250 engine is liquid-cooled, making it a top performer, especially in hot weather and stop-start riding conditions like in the city, where overheating is a common issue for many bikes. With 6 gears, it also provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even at higher speeds. In terms of safety, the XF250 is equipped with large disc brakes and ABS at the front and rear, ensuring increased responsiveness and stability when you need it most.

When you factor in all of the above, I personally believe that the XF250 is one of the best bikes on the market for under $8,000. And let’s face it, aside from outperforming its competitors in terms of power and features, it looks amazing. This bike will turn heads wherever you take it.

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